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Posted by siosecbeti  [ February 05 2012 01:36 ]
girls upskirts jpg Lust is said to be that which you should never have. Sex is said to be merger of two girls upskirts jpg souls. Strangely, I have found that to be untrue. I traveled to Sweden of all places for a convention. I was naturally eager to see if the people had the unbelievable characteristics that movies always say that they have. Of course, not everyone was as beautiful as one might have hoped, but still, the sexy were bountiful. Did I forget to mention? My name is Hope, I'm about 5'6" and around 125 lbs.
girls upskirts jpg

Some people I have met describe girls upskirts jpg me as "Alarmingly voluptuous" *giggle*. I'm not sure that it is a very accurate girls upskirts jpg description, but I have never heard a man complain about my figure. I had just gotten out of school, and I had been working for girls upskirts jpg a consultation agency for about 6 months when they sent me to the girls upskirts jpg convention. I was hoping to walk around Stockholm, do some shopping and listen to a couple of boring speeches. But as fate would have it, the convention was held lots of blowjobsin a city called Norrkoping.

I had obviously never heard of it before in my life, but I had little say in the matter. When I arrived at the airport early that morning, a car waited for me to take me to the hotel. When I got to my room, I unpacked girls upskirts jpg my suit girl nudecases, kicked off my girls upskirts jpg shoes and socks, and sank down on the bed.

girls upskirts jpg I had been traveling for about 24 hours straight, I was exhausted. I must have fallen asleep, because the next time I looked at my watch, it was 2pm. I had taken an earlier girls upskirts jpg flight, so I was in no hurry, and the airplane kept feeding me every 15 minutes, so I girls upskirts jpg was not very hungry. Not to mention uneasy about the Swedish cuisine. I decided to take a relaxing bath.

I had heard girls upskirts jpg some horror stories about hotels in Europe, but this hotel was very nice. The bath was clean, large and very nice in general. I unbuttoned my girls upskirts jpg blouse and slid it off to the floor. My breasts were aching to get out of their confinement. I girls upskirts jpg undid the clash and tossed the bra over to the sink. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and slipped them girls upskirts jpg off. I never wear panties for long trips, as all the extra seams tend to make me sore. I rested one girls upskirts jpg leg on top of the commode and girls upskirts jpg leaned over my leg, stretching it and massaging it. They had barely gotten to move for the last 24 hours. I turned on the faucets and started to fill the tub.
girls upskirts jpg

The hotel had some complementary bath oils. I figured that it couldn't hurt girls upskirts jpg and poured some in. I stepped into the tub and settled in. The warm water rushing over my naked body was so nice. The fragrant bath-oils added to the effect. I was about to fall asleep once more, from the relaxing bath, when all of a sudden my hand fell on some girls upskirts jpg sort of control. I had activated the girls upskirts jpg jets in the tub. At first I was startled, trying to figure out what was going on, but once the shock wore off, I calmed down.

These jets were fantastic, the side and back jets kept moving around, massaging my body, while the VERY well positioned jets girls upskirts jpg in front stayed more stationary. I sank down a bit more into the tub to gain an even more intense effect. For some reason I started to pet myself, stroking my chest and stomach, I just could not help but get very aroused. girls upskirts jpg I had no need for my hands to travel further girls upskirts jpg down, he jets were doing a better job than I ever had. I was girls upskirts jpg feeling unbelievably good. I continued to rub myself, now focusing more on my breast. As the jet stimulation was making me feel very intensely good, I just had to curb it some by squeezing and twisting my nipples. Normally I would feel pain from doing this, but with the intensity of my emotions, it just girls upskirts jpg made me explode into a tremendous orgasm. Despite cumming hard, I girls upskirts jpg seemed unable to turn off the jets and leave the tub.

Instead I continued to grope myself more vigorously, one hand now reaching behind my leg, fingering myself in every way possible, leaving the jet stream to work my clit. I felt such joy from feeling girls upskirts jpg my fingers slide in and out of myself. Though I normally do not finger my ass, it just felt girls upskirts jpg so good right now. And feeling my fingers in my ass through my cunt was just too exiting, making me cum even harder than the first time. girls upskirts jpg Despite having the lust for another round, my body needed a break more specifically my hands. But I could not help but fantasize about what toys I may be able to girls upskirts jpg use with this amazing tub-friend of mine. The possibilities felt endless, and the thought of it made me want to get right girls upskirts jpg back to work. But I resisted the temptation, and stepped out of the tub, and into the shower. Once I had gotten myself ready, I decided to do some shopping. The hotel was located less than a full block from the central mall.

I walked around, looking for some exiting "Swedish" items. But the stores were much like the ones at home. I got bored after an hour or girls upskirts jpg so. As girls upskirts jpg I walked, I passed a large city map. I looked over girls upskirts jpg it some, and I was happy to see the "you are here" sticker. I noticed that there was a park and a river, only a block away. It sounded good girls upskirts jpg to me.

Once I got there, it was like the city disappeared, the sound of cars almost vanished, and I was in a lush park, with grass, gravel paths, girls upskirts jpg trees, bushes, flowers, ducks, and a beautiful river. Along the bank there girls upskirts jpg were some benches. I decided to take girls upskirts jpg a seat and rest, while reminiscing about my bath. I watched as the ducks swam by, riding the currents. All of a sudden, a voice from behind me said something like "Jag tror att dom ar hungriga! ", all I could say in response was "huh? ". I turned around so see a gorgeous blonde girl. She smiled, squinting her eyes, and with a giggle she said "I guess you are not from around here.
girls upskirts jpg

I was saying that I girls upskirts jpg think they are hungry! the ducks, that is". I was stunned, I didn't know what to say, girls upskirts jpg but my mouth said "I didn't bring any food". She sat down next to me and happily girls upskirts jpg said "here girls upskirts jpg you can take some of mine. I come here every few days, when the girls upskirts jpg weather is nice, and feed the ducks". "thanks" I said. I was still stunned, not by her actions, but her features. She was the definitive reason for the "beautiful Swedish blonde woman" myth. "Hope" I said quietly.

She turned to look at me, tilted her head girls upskirts jpg and asked "Hope for what? ". "No, Hope, that's my name. ", "Oh, Well it is very nice to meet you, my name is Jenny" she said while shaking my hand. I could not help but blush. We sat quietly feeding the ducks for a few minutes, when I had to ask "How come somebody as beautiful as you is not always harassed by girls upskirts jpg men? ".

girls upskirts jpg Jenny looked down at girls upskirts jpg the ground and looked a bit sad. "A while back, a man tried to rape me, in the other side of the park. " she paused for a while, "In fact, there were more than one man, there were girls upskirts jpg three of them. I managed to push one of them into the river, I kicked another in the stomach, and I managed to get away from the third". I girls upskirts jpg was girls upskirts jpg taken back by her story, but puzzled at girls upskirts jpg the same time, "But why would that make men shy away from you? ".

Jenny looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "One of the men was my fianc , he was the one I kicked in the stomach... I did not know this at girls upskirts jpg the time, but after I kicked him, he fell and hit his head. Apparently he suffered some brain damaged. " The tears now running down her cheeks "After that I swore off men, not that it mattered much, His friends spreads such vicious rumors about me that nobody girls upskirts jpg wants to come near me anymore". I leaned over and embraced her, I kissed her on the head and reassured her. After Jenny calmed down some, I smiled at her and said "You know, I don't know anyone in this town, I sure would like some company. Would you like to go for a drink?

". girls upskirts jpg Jenny looked up at me and girls upskirts jpg forced a smile, "I don't know... " she said.

"Oh, don't worry, we can go to my hotel if you want to... ", Jenny's face relaxed some and girls upskirts jpg she agreed. Once at the hotel, we had some drinks in the bar. I tried to cheer her up some, so I decided to ridicule men for a while. She seemed girls upskirts jpg amused, as girls upskirts jpg men started to look more and more absurd by the minute. After a while, I almost started to believe what I was saying. I girls upskirts jpg started to think about giving up on them myself. My mind wandered, while my eyes wandered over Jenny's body.

I snapped out of it and asked a question, to take my mind off things "You know, your English is very good, where did you learn to speak so well? ", "I'm actually part Australian, I lived there for a few years" she answered. Jenny was starting to look a bit unsteady. So I decided to at girls upskirts jpg least offer to let her stay in my room for the night. Much to my surprise, Jenny looked at me for a minute then said "Sure, you're pretty hot!

". Then she giggled a bit and we both laughed. She woosed and swayed our way up to my room. Jenny sat down on the bed, while I got some water. "I'm going to have to leave pretty early in to morning for girls upskirts jpg work, but feel free to stay as long as you want" I told her, she responded with a nod.
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That is when girls upskirts jpg my mind lid up, I felt like I had girls upskirts jpg just had the best idea ever, "Want to take a bath? girls upskirts jpg " I asked her. She did girls upskirts jpg not say anything she just stood up, and started to undress herself. More and more of her subtle skin was being exposed. She stripped down to her underwear. Her lacey bra showed many exquisite hints as girls upskirts jpg to what lay beneath.

I could not believe what I was seeing. I had always been shy around other women, and I had not really seen another women undress for me to see. Jenny just looked so innocent and dead sexy at the same time. Even I was starting to want to rape her at this point, and I was starting to get extremely wet. Jenny looked over girls upskirts jpg at me with a smile and asked "Could you please undo my bra? this one is just too tricky for me". I did not really hesitate I girls upskirts jpg walked girls upskirts jpg over and reached around her.
girls upskirts jpg

The bra came undone girls upskirts jpg and I lowered it off her. I took girls upskirts jpg two steps back, and my eyes just would not move away from her chest. It was unreal, her breast, though smaller than mine, were so perfectly shaped, and girls upskirts jpg the skin looked so soft. I just wanted to reach over and girls upskirts jpg pet them, just to see what they felt like. My gaze was interrupted when she started to slowly pull down her panties.
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My eyes helplessly wandered down her body. My own panties were at this point soaked. With her last bit own clothing removed, she exposed her perfectly shaved pubic area. Even that was beautiful to me. I girls upskirts jpg got a bit s

com/articles/6345083/wants-you-to-cum-for-her-masturbate>wants you to cum for her masturbatetartled as she started to move closer to me. I relaxed some when I looked up at her face and saw a very warm smile and lusting eyes. She grabbed my top and slid it up, running her girls upskirts jpg hands along my sides and sending shivers up my spine. girls upskirts jpg I raised my arms and girls upskirts jpg let her com pletely remove it. She then kneeled down and removed my sandals, one by one. Jenny reached under my skirt, running her hands up and down my legs.

I was getting so turned on. She pulled down my skirt and panties, girls upskirts jpg revealing my smooth shaven pussy. I got a bit self-conscious, that is, until she gave my pussy a warm kiss. Making me tingle all over. I undid my bra and threw it on the bed, Jenny moved up, giving light kisses along the way.

My nipples felt hard enough to cut glass. Jenny stood up and looked me in the eyes, and for a moment I could see some hesitation, but also excitement. She leaned in, closing her girls upskirts jpg eyes, and kissed me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience. The kiss started light and gentle, but slowly moved to a more vigorous tongue-battle. We broke the kiss simultaneously, breathing heavily, just about panting. We looked each other girls upskirts jpg in the eyes, and jumped one another, kissing, hugging, petting, and groping. girls upskirts jpg Not stopping what we were doing, we moved to the bathroom, fumbling the controls, managing to get the water running. By the time the tub was getting filled up, we were already starting to finger one another.
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We stepped into the tub Jenny seemed ok with it, but not entirely sure why we were in the tub rather than the bed. Not wanting to loose any intensity, I quickly turned on the marvelous jets. Jenny jumped girls upskirts jpg at first, much like I had, but my undisturbed loving reassured her. Soon she girls upskirts jpg was starting to feel the effects. I straddled Jenny, letting my pussy rub hers. Two jets were graciously massaging our pussies.

Letting us focus on our mouths and girls upskirts jpg chests. It was not long before Jenny erupted into girls upskirts jpg a massive orgasm, and her moans were so intoxicating. They just shot me over the edge and I came so hard that I passed out. When I came to, Jenny had drained the water from the tub, and was just holding me, occasionally stroking me. I looked up at her and smiled she smiled back and girls upskirts jpg gave me a kiss. We moved to girls upskirts jpg the bed, were we were about girls upskirts jpg to fall asleep. But it seemed that our bodies were irresistible.
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We could not help but stroke each other, and soon we were aroused once more. This time, our tongues had an urge to kiss other lips. I started by kissing Jenny, moving down, kissing her chest and breasts. I was hesitant about taking the final plunge of kissing girls upskirts jpg her pussy, but her scent was intoxicating, and made my choice rather easy. I started to lick her pussy, at first I did not know what to make of it, but soon I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. I became more daring and vigorous, letting girls upskirts jpg my tongue probe into her pussy. I even enjoyed licking her ass, there was just something about her, and she tasted so wonderfully. I started to pet her ass while I was licking her pussy, she started to moan more loudly, asking me to put something in her pussy. How could I refuse such a request? I plunged two fingers deep inside her, playing around with her g-spot, while still swirling my tongue around her clit.
girls upskirts jpg

She started wreathing in the bed, moaning, until she finally orgasmed into a euphoric state. I licked up as girls upskirts jpg much of her juices as I could, then kissing my way up. Jenny fell fast asleep, but she looked so happy, not to mention sexy. I was still horny, so I savored her taste while I was fingering myself. I kept looking at her the whole time, imagining how good it was to lick her, kiss her, and embrace her. I was getting hungry for her pussy again, but I did not want to girls upskirts jpg wake her up. The longing made me even more turned on, and girls upskirts jpg I rubbed myself frantically, and came hard as I tasted my own sweet juice. I fell asleep holding her. The next morning, I woke up and got ready.

By the time I was about to leave, Jenny had woken up. "I have to leave girls upskirts jpg for work girls upskirts jpg now, but can we meet again tonight? " I said. she looked at me smiling, thinking for a moment, then seductively biting her bottom lip. "Sure thing, around eight? and, oh, by the way, you like surprises, don't you?
girls upskirts jpg

", "great! and yes, girls upskirts jpg I do like surprises. why? " I replied. "Oh, no reason" Jenny said girls upskirts jpg with girls upskirts jpg a grin. As I walked out the door, I thought to myself how I had found Love, sex, and Lust to be synonymous. But perhaps it is because I love lust and sex.

-) to be continued...
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